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Voted the best new product in the chimney industry at the NCSG Convention. "Using the system workers can move freely about the roof, with plenty of space for materials and tools, gaining the  mobility to work effectively."


I have 1 for the history books, my cat got stuck on roof and yes I rolled my rail up the roof and got cat down. Will send you picture. Brian

I dont do roofing but have found it very useful in my chimney sweep business. We use to nail wood or brackets into customers shingles sometimes causing roof damage and costly repairs. Pretty simple slide rails up roof put a couple planks on and do my job. Unbelievable no more ruining peoples shingles to repair a chimney.

This should be standard equipment for every roofing crew. It doesn't cost much, it's a quality made product and really helps make our roofing jobs safer and faster.

I had a storm damage claim on a customers roof, when the adjuster came to inspect damages I used scaffold rail he was very impressed, said he may get 1 and tell him company how easy it was to use.Just thought you like to know. Mike

Had to make roof repair using the MAJ roof scaffold system. Took only 15 minutes. Using old style brackets would have taken hours. Didn't have to nail into the roof which would've caused more repair work. Thank you for this great system.


P.S. The pictures don't lie!

Jim, it was nice meeting you at the Metalpro work shop, thanks for taking the time to explain the MAJ scaffold, great idea.

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